Friday, May 05, 2006

Federal judge orders cross to be removed from city property

A federal judge has ordered the city of San Diego, CA, to remove a cross on top of Mount Soledad which has been standing since 1954. While this case dates back to 1991, it should be noted that although the separation of church and state is indeed a federal issue, one must also consider the historical value this cross carries as the supporters of the cross say that it was built as a historic war memorial. If that is indeed the case then how is it that this judge ordered it removed in 1991 (after a suit brought by Philip Paulson to remove the cross)?

A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the removal of the Mount Soledad cross from property owned by the city of San Diego within 90 days - threatening to fine the city $5,000 a day if it fails to comply.
"It is now time, and perhaps long overdue, for this court to enforce its initial permanent injunction forbidding the presence of the Mount Soledad cross on city property," said U.S. District Judge Gordon Thompson.
Thompson first found the presence of the cross on city property unconstitutional in 1991 because it violated the separation of church and state.

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